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Our shared commitment to respectful relationships

When you enrol in one of our programs, you must agree to abide by TAFE NSW regulations and the rights and responsibilities outlined below.


Aboriginal Pathways student responsibilities:

By taking these responsibilities seriously you make a valuable contribution to a respectful and positive learning experience for everyone:

  • Treat all students and staff with respect and fairness.
  • Positively represent your family, community and employer (if you have one) during the course.
  • Show respect to local Elders and community while visiting their Country.
  • Behave in a responsible and ethical way; this includes agreeing not to cheat, offend, embarrass, harass, threaten or endanger others, and being mindful of how language or swearing may offend some people.
  • Supply true and correct information at enrolment.
  • Follow any reasonable direction, verbal or written, from staff while in class, on residential study blocks or in between blocks.
  • Use the internet in accordance with our Internet Access Policy.
  • Do all assessment tasks by the due date or (in exceptional circumstances) ask for an extension. If you don’t submit your assessment tasks on time, your attendance at future blocks may be affected. If you are having trouble, please have a yarn with your teacher or another staff member in your program team.
  • Return or renew library resources by the due date.
  • Follow safety practices by wearing approved clothing or protective equipment, explained by your teacher. Park or drive vehicles on TAFE NSW property in accordance with instructions, observing campus speed limits.
  • Follow the directions of your teacher and wardens during evacuation, lockdown and other emergency procedures.
  • Respect the environment by not littering and responsible use of water, power and recycling facilities
  • Not use mobile phones in class at any time, unless there is an emergency. This is out of respect for other students, your teachers and any guests in the learning environment.
  • Not smoke where indicated.
  • Not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while in class or on campus.
  • Not damage, steal, modify or misuse TAFE property.


Aboriginal Pathways student rights

  • Have your story, identity and life experience as an Aboriginal person acknowledged and respected.
  • Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning.
  • Be treated fairly and with respect by staff and students.
  • Learn in an environment free of harassment and discrimination.
  • Education and training that meets Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) regulations.
  • Attend classes (once fees paid or fee exemption granted).
  • Privacy for personal information in your student records, subject to statutory requirements.
  • Information about assessment procedures at the start of the unit and as progressive results occur.
  • Lodge feedback or a complaint without fear of retaliation or victimisation.
  • Access certain information through the Government Information and Public Access Act.
  • Access to counselling if required.

Together we all contribute to a respectful and positive learning experience.



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For the most up-to-date information on course content, attendance modes; fees, concessions, refunds and exemptions; recognition of prior learning and credit transfer options; student support services including literacy and numeracy support and welfare services; student rights and responsibilities; appeals and complaints process and Department of Education and Training Code of Conduct, review the Institute’s website on, the TAFENSW website at or phone 1300 628 233.


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