AES excited to partner with Aboriginal Pathways

The Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES) is excited to have partnered with Aboriginal Pathways.

The AES is a 100% Indigenous managed, national, not-for-profit Recruitment Company dedicated to providing career opportunities for our mob. As part of their long-term business development strategy, the company has partnered with Aboriginal Pathways to deliver customised training for 45 employees.

"As leaders in Aboriginal Employment, the AES works closely with Aboriginal communities and Australian businesses to broker sustainable career opportunities for Aboriginal people,” explained AES CEO Kristy Masella.

"As a leader, we need to keep our finger on the pulse of changing labour markets, local environments and the ever-evolving needs of businesses."

"We were excited to partner with Aboriginal Pathways to leverage off their expertise in culturally competent and relevant training that will support continued growth of our teams." 

In consultation with Aboriginal Elders and academics, Aboriginal Pathways developed customised training for AES to reflect the context of their workplace. The training incorporates practical learning in a culturally appropriate and sensitive environment.

"AES staff have given fantastic feedback about the trainers, structured activities, learning approaches and cultural elements built into the course," Masella said.



PHOTO: Aboriginal Employment Strategy CEO Kristy Masella (centre) is excited to partner with Aboriginal Pathways.