Congratulations iFARES Class of 2016!

Aboriginal Pathways is proud to congratulate this year's iFARES graduates who celebrated their achievements on November 25.

“iFARES” is short for Indigenous Fire and Rescue Employment Strategy and is an innovative training program especially for Aboriginal people. The program comprises a partnership between TAFE NSW and Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) to provide a solid background of skills and training in all aspects of firefighting and rescue. Combined with communication and other skills, iFARES sets our students on the path to representing our mob in permanent FRNSW ranks. 

Aboriginal Pathways congratulates this year’s graduates on their inspiring achievements. Firefighting requires quick wit, courage and physical strength and we wish each student the very best in furthering their dream of being able to help others, defend property and save lives. Congratulations everyone!


iFARES2 full

PHOTO: Congratulations to iFARES Class of 2016.



If you are interested in becoming a firefighter, click here to find out more about the iFARES program.