Support for students

We all need a hand sometimes, let us support you the best we can...

Reducing SDRO debt

Work and Development Orders (WDO) are made by the State Debt Recovery (SDR) to allow eligible people to satisfy their debt through unpaid work with an approved organisation or by undertaking certain courses.

A WDO can only be made if an application is supported by an approved organisation. We are on the list of approved organisations.

As a general guide, activity in the category of education and vocational skills can reduce fines by $50 per hour of $350 per full (7 hour) day, to a maximum of $1000 per month.

Interested in applying? Please complete the WDO section of your application and we will be in touch to discuss your eligibility and next steps.

Other Support options

As well as our “My Story” services, you can access a range of other support options. These include ‘Your Tutor’ online support, disability support, counselling and others.