Travel, accommodation and meals

Your travel request

After you have been offered a place in a course, we will send you a link to complete a travel request. You can let us know your preferred departure times and any other special requests.
If your participation in our program is part of your professional development, we recommend that you discuss your travel with your employer before sending your travel request. You should also discuss with any family or friends who are supporting you, for example dropping you off at the airport.

Your travel booking

Your bookings will be made by our travel agency partner FCM. You will receive an itinerary from FCM as well as contact phone numbers for any inquiries relating to your bookings.

Changes to your booking

After you receive your travel itinerary, changes cannot be made unless there are special
circumstances, such as a health condition or family emergency. We will provide information about how you can make changes, including emergency phone numbers. If you request changes for other reasons, please be aware that you are likely to incur a fee.


Accommodation will be arranged for eligible students as close as possible to your study location. Accommodation will be twin share with another student.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided where your course is being held. We are committed to healthy meal options provided by local suppliers. You are welcome to purchase other foods and beverages at your own expense.


These services are funded by the Australian Government Away from Base Programme. To be eligible for travel, accommodation and meal services in our courses, students need to demonstrate eligibility for the AbStudy Incidentals Allowance (even if you work, you are still likely to be approved). You can find the Abstudy form in your course package.